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The product features strong reliability. It adopts high-performance components that are all fixed with industrial grade waterproof panels to ensure the reliability and adaptability of electronic systems. .
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Wholesale Custom LED Stadium Pole Mast Light 240W DALI Dimming Factory
Wholesale Custom LED Stadium Pole Mast Light 240W DALI Dimming Factory
Light Model Number : AREA Flood Light -75W/100W/150W/200W/240W1. Unique three-dimension strip lens, regulates beam angle and avoids lighting waste.2. The one-piece hollowed-out module design, increases air ventilation and heat dissipation.3. Toggle clips for driver box, convenient for maintenance.4. Gear rotary bracket supports 5 degrees adjustment.5. Convenient driver cable connecting system supports additional smart controlling modules.6. IP66 waterproof outdoor high power floodlights 240w for football stadium golf course square.
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