GTL LIGHTING Service: We are a professional manufacturer, we can give you the best price service, we have professional engineers can solve any of your lighting problems.We produce high quality high bay light, street light, flood light, area light, plant growth lamp etc.


OEM/ODM Service: We control the whole process of led light manufacturing, including design and production and packing and delivery (we can  customized your light ). We have an excellent R&D department, which can help you develop a new type of led light according to your demands.


GTL LIGHTING Procurement Service: We are located in Shenzhen city , the high quality led light market center of China. Therefore, no matter what kind of light you are looking for, we can find them for you, with a complete transport solution.


●Excellent After-sale Service: All our after-sale staffs are experts in the led lamp industry, we would like to help you with the problems of lighting.

Technical Support Service

GTL company is a lamp manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and service. We have automatic production line to improve output and shorten customer delivery time. Our products are not only popular with overseas customers in design and quality, but also competitive in price. GTL lighting is worth your choice!

Based in Shenzhen, relying on its own production base, GTL LIGHTING enjoys a nationwide and global outlook, and operates with the concept of integrity, professionalism and pragmatism, hoping to achieve a win-win situation for customers, shareholders, employees and the society.

R&D and ODM/OEM Service

We can provide our customers with Original Equipment Manufacturing and Original Design Manufacturing Service since we have an excellent R&D department that can customize light you want, and ensure the quality of the whole production process. 

We have automatic production line, the production process is orderly and standardized. Our products need to go through strict quality inspection from production to delivery to our customers. Our mission is to provide perfect, flawless and high-quality lighting to our customers.

GTL’s specification representatives and lighting design experts can help you make the right lighting decisions that promote workplace productivity and environmental sustainability, every day of the year. 

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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