Integrated  LED High Bay with microwave motion sensor indoor workplace light save energy lamp made in China

Integrated LED High Bay with microwave motion sensor indoor workplace light save energy lamp made in China

Light Model Number: 40W/60W/100W/150W/200W 

 High-quality ufo high bay light is best for commercial & industrial projects, FHBL  series is a 40W-200W, 3000k-6500K, 90-305VAC, IP65 rated, energy-saving, Highbay LED light fitting, suitable for applications from warehouses to retail stores and commercial premises. Supplied with an ultra-slim design allows for maximum use of height when installing the Highbay and includes adjustable brackets for quick and easy installation, no flicker performance with  low power consumption, for energy saving and low maintenance costs .

  • FHBL40W-60W Specification A2-20201020.pdf Download
  • FHBL100W-200W Specification (Isolation) A2-20201020.pdf.pdf Download
  • FHBL100W-200W(non-isolated) Specification.pdf Download
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Product Features

1:Highbay lights produce little to no heat, making them cool to the touch, increasing safety and reducing the amount of energy needed to air-condition the warehouse. Modern LED’s also produce a higher quality type of light, better CRI and lower THD, decreasing eye strain for your workers, making them healthier and more efficient.

2: Wattage switchable function can save your stock cost and purchase cost.

3: IP65 rating and a 5-year extended warranty are proof, it is suitable for installation in even the harshest and most corrosive industrial environments.

4:Applicable voltage  AC85-265V / 100-240V / 100-277V / 100-305V ,which overcomes the instability caused by the ballast that generates power grid and noise pollution, also it avoids the stimulation and fatigue brought to the eye during work.

5:Dimmable UFO high bay lamps allow them to meet different customers’ requirements by adjusting the brightness of the light.

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