Best High-bay  Factory Lighting 1-10v dimmable IP65 waterproof led ufo 150w  China supplier

Best High-bay Factory Lighting 1-10v dimmable IP65 waterproof led ufo 150w China supplier

Light Model Number: 40W/60W/100W/150W/200W Round High bay Light 

1: ETL/CE/RoHS/LM80/LM79/ IES file is avaibale.

2: LED junction temperature less than 85 ℃.

3: A choice of three high-efficacy, 145lm/w, 175lm/w, 190 lm/w high-bay.

4: Color Temperature 4000K/ 5000K/ 57000K  best high bay led lighting fixtures.

5: 60° 90° 120° beam angle  high bay led garage lights.

6: LED and heat sink are parallel, no  dark area, no shadow.

  • FHBL100W-200W(non-isolated) Specification.pdf Download
  • FHBL40W-60W Specification A2-20201020.pdf Download
  • FHBL100W-200W Specification (Isolation) A2-20201020.pdf.pdf Download
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LED high bay is perfect for industrial facilities, warehouses, workshops, shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, sports centers, storage areas and other indoor applications in industrial and commercial buildings , the product range has been upgraded to reach very high efficacy up to 190 lm/w. Manufactured from die-cast aluminum with a matt black finish, the housing provides strong protection, durability and heat dissipation for the LEDs. The toughened glass diffuser greatly reduces glare.High bay lighting has been a popular choice for commercial and industrial users throughout the world for decades, due to its relatively compact size and intense lumen output. Over the past several years, LED technology has come to dominate the high bay marketplace due to improvements in energy efficiency and service life as well as considerably improved color rendering accuracy. This great leap forward in high bay lighting technology has saved users a considerable amount in operating and maintenance costs, as well as improved workplace safety and efficiency.

led high bay lighting fixtures
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