Good LED Plant Grow Light  720W For Greenhouse-GTL Lighting

Good LED Plant Grow Light 720W For Greenhouse-GTL Lighting

Product Advantages

1: Compact combination packaging design, greatly saves space and reduces transportation costs.

2: Tool-free disassembly and assembly, the light bar adopts a unique plug pin design with high safety, also supports hot plugging, convenient replacement,  replaceable driver and zero cost maintenance .

3: Special waterproof rubber pad, waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof, special aviation aluminum with high purity and good heat dissipation performance. Adopting professional low-temperature led light source is suitable for hemp plant spectrum.

4: The single light bar can be replaced. The line of each light bar is equipped with 2 contact pins. The internal PCB is integrated designed, without welding or wiring, no safety hazard. Isolated driver, safe and reliable. The lamps dissipate heat rapidly, the surface is anti-corrosion, reliable and durable.

5: 0-10V dimming driver, automatic voltage transformation, driver can be turned off, safe, reliable and durable. Intelligent control system, can control 50pcs lamps at the same time, realize group control, easy to operate with LCD touch screen.

6: It can be sold without driver. Customers can buy suitable driver locally.

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GTL LED Plant Grow Light is suitable for all stages of hemp growth. It can make the plant leaves full, the root system developed and grow well, enhance the resistance and immunity, promote the early maturity, increase production and improve the quality of hemp. It can also inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and insect eggs in the shed, reduce the dosage of pesticides, reduce the pollution to the environment and crops, and comply with the current "green" trend. After being irradiated by the plant fill light lamp, marijuana grows well, and the accumulated content of CBD and various medical nutrients increases significantly, and there will be no phenomenon of overgrowth. The marijuana grown under this light source will have better nutrient accumulation, overall morphological performance, aroma and other indicators than that in the ordinary greenhouse planting environment.

led full spectrum growth lamp indoor pant growth light
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