Outdoor basketball court lighting solution

Basketball is one of the most popular and commonly played sport at different levels, from school to college, and from the backyard to professional.

This sport is played indoors and outdoors in a basketball court. Lighting has a huge role to play during a match. For instance, a court lacks sufficient light, this will make it challenging for the players to see the ball while the audience will not see what is happening.

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This scheme mainly applies to: outdoor basketball court suggested use units: enterprise/institution staff court, sports stadium, school, other outdoor competition venues.Stadium venue specification: length: 28 meters, width: 15 meters (size), basketball court single site of lighting design: 1.Application: Lighting for fee-paying courses, public institution courses, schools or training venues: 2*100W LED floodlights, 12 sets.2.Layout square method (see the layout plan of lamps for details) : 12 sets of lamps are evenly distributed on both sides, which can ensure the lighting of the entire basketball court competition area and reach the uniform illumination. General competition (urban level) and team training requirements can be carried out.3.Site 3 d layout:


2.Double side lighting design of basketball court:


1. Programme Description:

Applicable: gym, fee-paying course, school or professional training ground Lamps used: 24 sets of 2*100W LED floodlights.

2. Layout method (see the layout plan of lamps and lanterns for details):

Plan of lighting arrangement


Iii. The design of this scheme USES lamps and lanterns and parameters

Material: die-cast aluminum + tempered glass cover + waterproof constant-current power supply

Lamp size: L413*W181*H130MM

Features: no flicker, no radiation, long service life, energy saving

Exposure Angle :120 degrees

Scope of application: stadium lighting, indoor stadium lighting, etc

Input voltage: AC90-305V

Frequency: 50/60 hz

Number of LEDS: 2 *100W

Luminous flux: 140lm /W

Color of light: fair white

Service life of lamps: 50000H

Color temperature: 6000-6500k


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