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Proper lighting can not only increase workers' comfort and sense of security, but also help to stimulate employees' work enthusiasm, improve work efficiency and productivity, but also effectively prevent employees' fatigue and reduce errors and accidents. High quality factory lighting fixtures and design schemes can effectively save energy, reduce production costs, create an efficient, energy-saving, green, safe and reliable light environment for customers, and become an invisible driving force for enterprise production.

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Lighting not only improves people's quality of life, but also indirectly gives people value in the industrial field of creating social wealth. In industrial production, it is often accompanied by process flow characteristics such as extreme temperature, pollution and vibration, which may put forward special requirements for lighting, operation and maintenance of lighting system different from those under "normal" working conditions. For many years, GTL industrial lighting has been committed to providing customized professional lighting solutions for various industrial uses. Its complete series of high-quality industrial lighting systems can meet the requirements of industrial production environment. 

High and medium power metal halide lamps are widely used in industrial plants. The attenuation and service life of lamps are also very important. Among the industrial users of GTL industrial lighting, there is a large domestic iron and steel enterprise. Originally, the enterprise only considered the convenience of maintenance and replacement of lamps and used self ballasted mercury lamp, incandescent lamp and mixed light lamp, which is not only difficult to meet the stability requirements of industrial lighting, but also has high power consumption and low efficiency, which has become the "soft rib" restricting the development of the enterprise.

"Adjusting measures to local conditions" lighting layout makes the maintenance of lighting system easier

In the industrial lighting system, scientific and energy-saving lighting concept is penetrated, and careful and regular maintenance of lamps and lanterns is also needed, which will help to improve the effectiveness and service life of the lighting system. However, due to the structure of plant and workshop, the maintenance of lighting system in industrial field is much more complex than living lighting, and special maintenance forms are often adopted according to the actual environmental conditions. For example, in the lighting system transformation project of the iron and steel enterprise, GTL industrial lighting will adopt different lamp distribution methods according to the specific characteristics of different plants, so as to achieve a safer, more energy-saving and brighter effect.


It can ensure the high quality lighting effect and make the maintenance of lighting system easier. The workshop involved in the project is a steel structure workshop, which is 18-30 meters high. It is not feasible to directly repair the lamps directly through the top frame. Therefore, in the workshop with a small distance between the top of the driving and the lower part of the traveling frame, the lamps shall be installed within the operable range of the top of the train and the lamps shall be maintained on the top of the train;

In the most inconvenient position for maintenance, use the lamp lifting system for maintenance; The lift truck is used for maintenance in workshops with convenient ground conditions, which can share one or several plants. There is no excessive demand for the installation structure of lamps on the top of the building, and the operation is convenient. In the lighting layout design of industrial lighting system, GTL  industrial lighting often adopts a variety of lighting layout methods according to local conditions to achieve simpler and convenient maintenance of all lighting systems by considering the layout and characteristics of each workshop.

In today's increasingly tense global energy, the energy saving of industrial lighting system is the general trend. High quality industrial lighting can not only meet the extreme environment of industrial production and reduce energy consumption, but also a more comfortable visual environment helps to improve employees' production enthusiasm, so as to improve productivity, reduce errors, unqualified products and accidents, significantly alleviate long-term work fatigue, and finally add more value to the enterprise.

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