LED UFO High Bay Fixture 150w 1-10V Dimming 5000K For Commercial Warehouse

LED UFO High Bay Fixture 150w 1-10V Dimming 5000K For Commercial Warehouse

Light Model Number : 40W/60W/100W/150W/200W Round High bay Light

At the industrial  lighting, we can provide the best industrial light to light up your workshop and factory, the more reasonable radiator design of finned radiator industrial high bay lamps greatly reduces the weight of high bay light reduces the overall weight of 80W led ufo highbay lamps to less than 4kg, and perfectly solves the heat dissipation problem of 80-300W led industrial high-bay lamps. High bay motion sensor lights come with built-in motion detectors that react to the surrounding. You don’t want your lights on when they are not in use. High bay occupancy sensor lights conserve energy and reduce energy consumption by up to 35% compared to manual switch. 

  • FHBL40W-60W Specification A2-20201020.pdf Download
  • FHBL100W-200W Specification (Isolation) A2-20201020.pdf.pdf Download
  • FHBL100W-200W(non-isolated) Specification.pdf Download
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Product Features

1: High brightness LED High Bay for Warehouse, Workshop, Gymnasium, Factory, Grocery store, Distribution center, Church, School, Casinos, Retail store, Gas stations, Railway and high-speed station, Exhibition hall, Airport, Garage, Barn lighting, Canopy lighting or similar occasions.

2: Magnesium alloy heatsink that ensures exceptional heat dissipation, resulting in a lamp lifespan of 50,000 hours.

3: Controller model for choice: Single Microwave constant illumination;Group Microwave constant illumination+RF(868MHz)4: Color Temperature 4000K/ 5000K/ 57000K  best high bay led lighting fixtures.

5: 60° 90° 120° beam angle high bay led garage lights.

6: 3 Options of luminous efficiency: 140LM/W(Ra80), 175LM/W (Ra80), 190LM/W (Ra70).

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